Thai households can now grow six pots of Cannabis each to supplement their income, the nation’s health minister said, as the first country in the region to legalize Medical Marijuana further eased rules to promote the crop’s commercial use.

Families may form Communities or also called Cooperatives, to grow Marijuana and supply the crop to public hospitals and state facilities, or use them to make food and cosmetic products as a fresh revenue source, Thailand’s Deputy Premier and Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said in a statement Friday.

“Marijuana and Hemp are both Cannabis Sativa and are economic crops and both provide a new options for locals to generate revenue,” Sir Anutin said at a Marijuana educational expo at Buriram, 400 kilometers northeast of Bangkok. “We are trying to ease restrictions to allow the public easier access to the plant, but please cooperate and use it correctly.

While Thailand became the first country in Southeast Asia to legalize Medical Marijuana in in 2018, its use for recreational purpose is still banned. Yes Thai People may Grow Cannabis Sativa, however only to a certain point, Each Thai National Household may Have/Grow 6 THC containing Plants per household.

Yet for their own personal use. In Order to handle, export, import etc, one must be Licensed by the Government of Thailand or be working in Conjunction with a Government Entity or a University or Hospital or a Licensed Clinic. Possession of Flower for example, making extracts, adding THC or CBD to edibles and must have a License.

If you are going to grow your own 6 Plants and you allow them to “Flower” you must keep them at your Home and Use them There. Also in order to have an amount of Hemp or Grow Hemp one needs a Cultivation License. I see on the net where it appears all in Thailand can now grow Hemp. Well yes you can, to a point.

In order to Possess, Export, Transport, etc, one needs to be Licensed. Also you are not legally permitted to allow the Hemp Plant to “Flower” or Possess Seeds, with out being Licensed.

With each Cannabis Plant yielding between 400-500 Grams each. This equates out to be Approximately 108,000.00 baht each harvest. With doing 2 Harvest per year each Thai Household may generate an additional 216,000.00 baht per year if they know how to grow. The Flower or “Bud” has to meet the Criteria of the Government before it can be considered for sale. If the Grower Chooses this route. Most Thai People are Master Growers.

This is a good reason to Join us here!

After one Joins Thailand Hemp Farms they will be provided Farm Set Up, Security Requirements, Growing Consultation along with the Information on how and where to obtain the Correct and Legal Seeds and or Clones. And also where to Sell their Harvest! One is not allowed to Import their own seeds with out being Licensed.

Thailand Hemp Farms is a Licensed Cultivator. With over 35 Years of Growing Cannabis Experience and our Certified Genetics we Possess and produce the Highest Quality Cannabis.

“Any flowers and seeds yielded from the crop grown at homes must be sent to state medical facilities as they remain in the country’s criminal code due to their high levels of psychoactive compounds”, the minister said.

(Thus we are Licensed)

A Note from Mr. John Leopard:

Hello Thailand!

Although my Focus is upon Growing Hemp (Ganjong) I am also organizing the (Doncan Ganja Cooperative). Here we will be growing Medical Marijuana as well yet these plants will contain higher amounts of THC. I believe that having Extracts that contain all of the Cannabinoids that are in a Cannabis Sativa Plant is the Best way to go.

We do not know exactly how this wonderful plant exactly works, thus I feel the “Entourage” effect is the Best Way to Go in using Cannabis Sativa for Medication. Extraction from a Cannabis Sativa THC/CBD plant that contains all the 100+ Cannabinoids and Terpenes is certainly the way to go at this point in time.

“Entourage” means “Combination” where as all of the Cannabis Sativa Cannabinoids are made available to the user. Now this type of “Extract” containing THC will  cause a Patient to experience the psychoactive effects of the THC containing plant. THC is “Delta 9” The Psychoactive ingredient in Ganja That makes a user experience being “high”. There is also some merit given to the Terpenes being effective as Medication as well. So it is important that who is making extracts and consumables know what they are doing and how to properly use the Extraction Equipment and Processes.

We are in the Process now of developing Pure Delta 8. In September 2021 we will have Pure CBD available along with Pure Delta 8. These 2 Cannabinoids offer Medical Applications.

Aggravation of a Patients’ existing Medical Conditions using any form of Cannabis Sativa is a Concern and every Patient Should have Consultation with their Doctor Prior to using Cannabis Sativa.

I have extensive ( Perhaps 38 sites) about CBD and Medical Marijuana online now, one is for more information on CBD.

Come and Joins us here at Thailand Hemp Farms! Link is at the Bottom of the Front Page page to Join us. Or after you finish reading this page you may click this Hyperlink to go back to the Home Page.

I will make contact with new sign ups withing 48 Hours. I personally will be providing guidance and assistance financially with Members’ Grows.

I will be personally Available with my 38 years of Cultivation Experience along with my Thai Brothers and Sisters who also have extensive knowledge and experience with Growing. After our additional specific FDA License applications are completed we here at  Thailand Hemp Farms will be producing our own CBD and Delta 8 only extracts.

CBD/THC Oils/Extracts, Edibles will also be made avail to those who have the Proper License and or Prescription. is  Licensed by The Thailand Department of Health/FDA. Legally Operating. Please do not approach us with any illegal intentions.

We are Happy To have you join us. We are Grateful to the Government of Thailand for allowing us this incredible opportunity. Hope to see you here!

John Kevin Leopard

CEO/Operations Manager

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