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The lower molecular weight of Fulvic Acid gives Fulvic acid an excellent ability to cross the membranes of plant cells.

This makes Fulvic acid particularly efficient when used as a foliar spray to convey nutrients to plants quickly.

Some Plant Nutrients are Mobile, while others are Immobile.

Immobile Nutrients are sometimes needed and are applied Foliarly to a Full Plant.

Use Fulvic Acid as a Carrier or Chelator. Fulvic Acid is made from Humic Acid.

Fulvic Acid has a smaller molecular structure and is absorbed by the Plant easier.

Fulvic Acid has the same Chelating ability as Humic Acid.

Never Spray Flower. Spray applications will increase the flower’s interior humidity and create conditions for spore germination.

Humic acid has a high molecular weight, which makes it an excellent natural soil conditioner.

Humic acid also promotes improved ion-exchange and better soil buffering capabilities.

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