There’s nothing like the power of the sun when it comes to growing marijuana! Aside from the fact that it’s free, keep in mind that marijuana and all the other plants have evolved under the sun. Thailand has an abundance of Sun. In my opinion, Too Much! When it comes to growing cannabis outside, it’s important to use a place that offers a lot of sunlight.

Outdoor growers prefer south-facing locations. It’s also best to stay away from places with plenty of trees and other vegetation which may hinder sunlight from reaching your plants. Also the Trees provide Housing and Rest for Birds. They will defecate and spread weeds and seeds of whatever they have been eating all over, along with Diseases.

And finally, all cannabis strains follow a certain life cycle. It’s best to start growing in the spring so that as the summer solstice ends, the female plants won’t be bothered by receiving less sunlight because they are expected to grow less and put more energy into flowers. This mostly applies to the Western Hemisphere. Here in Thailand, well, we grow whenever we want!

This grow journal follows cultivating Sensi cannabis seeds outdoors. The dates of the Images are not exact. I will next time save them with a date name.

Grower: Kevin Leopard
Location: USA
Yield: 300 gs
Seeds: Amnesia Haze, Northern Lights, and Blueberry

June 9th

This grow journal started with the germination of 1 seed each of Sensi Seeds Amnesia Haze, Northern Lights, and Blueberry last June 4th. All three germinated and were placed in small peat pots. (Recommended)

Here are some photos of the little ones in soil.

June 10th

They all popped up. One of them still had the shell on her but it came off easily but the membrane is still on it. The T5 light will soon be installed just in time to get them into the dome and get the humidity up.

June 11th

Moved them into the dome and they’re now under the new T5 unit. Still not sure when to move them outside.

They will be grown in the Ground, and in 5-gallon buckets with a bunch of holes in them for drainage. The other plants in the Jungle should conceal the cannabis plants. Again be sure to check the surrounding Trees!

In the meantime, here they are in their homes until they get bigger.

June 14th

5 days after germination.

June 19th

After plenty of consideration, the ladies were finally transplanted into their final homes: 5-gallon buckets. They’ll spend a couple of weeks indoors before they’re gradually introduced to some natural light. And adjusting to the Thailand Heat.

June 23rd

They’re 2 weeks from germination and had to switch over to the 4-inch T5 to be able to fit all 3 buckets under the light.

All plants are approximately 2 inches tall and are working on their 3rd set of true leaves. Been lightly misting the soil only when needed and spraying around the base of the plant to get water into the soil.

The Amnesia Haze has looked sickly ever since it popped out of the shell but has been progressively getting better and is still growing so it should come into it nicely. The Amnesia Haze is the one in the white bucket. Just like Fishing, with Growing Patience is Key.

June 27th

All three plants are on their 3rd node and working in their 4th. They’re only 2.5 weeks old today!

July 4th

3 and a half weeks since they busted out of the soil. All seems well. The Amnesia Haze has greened up and started to grow well. The Blueberry and the Northern Lights are slightly bigger than the Amnesia Haze though.

Have not given them any nutrients yet but they’ll start getting brought outside to get accustomed to the sunlight and the Thailand Heat. It is a bit of work moving 100s of plants in and out of the Nursery. Yet it works!

July 9th

28 days from sprouting. Decided today was the day to FIM these girls. All have 5 nodes now and they’re working on their 6th. Been introducing them to sunlight to help them get accustomed to the outdoors. They haven’t been fed yet but they’ll be getting some Verm veg tomorrow and will water them with pH 5.8 and 6.0 water with a little CalMag and some photosynthesis plus.

Shouldn’t be long now until they start to flower. ( They are all Feminized, Auto Flowering ) so the Yields will be under 300 Grams per plant. Thus the Amount of the Grow.

July 14th

36 days since germinating.

All seems well with the ladies. Started giving them some nutrients, Verm Veg, some CalMag and watered in with pH 5.8 water with some photosynthesis plus.

The Amnesia Haze in the white bucket has already started to flower so not sure how she will yield since she is so small.

Check out how they’re looking.

July 21st

Finally moved the autos outdoors last week and they have already grown quite a bit!

The main stalk on the Northern Lights is really fat and seems a little hollow. The stem is very flexible but it’s strange because the lower part of the step up to the cotyledon is woody like it normally is. The Blueberry is similar but it didn’t stretch as much so it isn’t as noticeable as the Northern Lights.

The plants are healthy and none of them are showing any signs of damage. They’re all starting to flower as well. Here we Go!

August 1st

Here are the ladies 7.5 weeks after popping from the soil. They have been given Verm Bloom the last couple of weeks. Buds are starting to get bigger now and all seems to be well with them. No signs of deficiency except for a few bug bites here and there on one of them. This is why they are checked constantly. Be cautious in “beating a path” to your Grow.

The first two photos are of the Blueberry autos and the other two are photos of the Northern Lights. The latter seems to be a lot more sativa-dominant based on the growth pattern.

Some of the calyxes on the Blueberry are enormous! Just look at them!

August 11th

Both plants are doing well into full flower and the buds are getting stronger too. They still have a month or so to go to put on some serious weight. The colas are the size of a grown man’s forearm. The pistils are still very White. Auto-flowering Plants are a Trip to grow.

Check out the Amnesia!

August 14th

It’s 9 weeks since they popped out of the soil. The Northern Lights is also starting to bulk up a bit. Seems like the Northern Lights is behind the Blueberry as far as trichome production and development. They’re being fed with Verm Bloom along with CalMag and Photosynthesis plus. The Northern Lights seems to be drinking a lot more than the Blueberry and both are looking better and healthier every day.

Here is a close up of one of the Blueberry Auto Flowers.

Auto Blueberry x Auto Critical

And these are the Northern Lights.

This photo is a testament to how resilient cannabis can be. This chute accidentally broke when it was being positioned outwards away from the main stem. It was barely being held by a thin piece of stem so it had to be taped up and a few weeks later, it had a nice little bud forming.

August 28th

11 weeks since sprout and approximately 6 weeks since the first signs of flower. Both plants are looking healthy. The Northern Lights has some yellowing in lower leaves but they’re normal during flowering and obviously nothing to worry about.

The Blueberry is showing the Blueberry traits of Blueberry traits with some purple leaves and buds starting to darken up as well.

You can see the cooler nights are really bringing out the best of the Blueberry auto.

August 29th

The plants should be ready for harvest this weekend. With the way the sun is rising, the light doesn’t hit the plants until noon or so. The Thai FDA never clarified to me the type of Security Fencing needed, So mine is 3 meters high and made of Steel.

Grower: Kevin Leopard
Location: USA
Yield: NA
Seeds: Amnesia Haze, Northern Lights, and Blueberry

Unfortunately, the grow journal ended without details of the harvest but it’s safe to say this may have been quite a productive harvest. A Full Grow done in 90 Days. Amazing!

What do you think about outdoor grows?

Happy growing!

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