You may have seen us “Crowd Funding” this is to buy more land, genetics and equipment. I am fine without. Yet going Big is never a mistake, and there is a LOT of room for investors here. Also thank you for the Huge Response!

CP and the TOTH do not have the Growers with the same experience and specialties…… CO2 Supercritical Extraction Equipment Start around 3 Million Baht. Hydrocarbon Extraction Equipment is less costly.

Ichitan, Tipco are more Corporations coming into the CBD extraction, Food and Drink Additives. When you see these large Corporations with an abundance of money taking interest in our endeavors…well I was onto something back in the Day I guess!

I would like to do my Own extractions here at the Office. I would also like to Provide 3rd and 1st Party Testing. Residual Solvent Analysis (Cannabis Residual Solvents Analysis, Microbial Testing (Real-Time PCR Detection Systems for In Vitro Diagnostics), Potency Analysis, Terpene Analysis (SLB-5ms 5% Phenyl-equivalent GC Capillary Columns)

Kevin Leopard // [email protected] 66 83 810 0577 Thailand Time Pls
Grower/CEO Thailand Hemp Farms.

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