Biostimulants assist the Plant in making Amino Acids. Nutrient Media Chelates are how organic minerals are made available to the plant. Chelates essentially surround the metal ion making them stable in solution. From a molecular chemistry perspective soluble trace metals in solution exist as positively charged ions each of these ions has a fixed number of reactive sites.

The word Chelate is derived from the Greek word “Chele” which refers to a lobster’s claw hence Chele refers to the pincer like manner in which a metal nutrient ion is encircled by the larger organic molecule the claw usually called a Ligand or Chelator is used to facilitate the transfer.

Most metal ion’s have either 4 or 6 reactive sides. Chelates such as EDTA, DTPA and HEDTA have 6,and 8 metal complexing sites respectively enabling one molecule to interact with all the reactive centers of a metal ion forming a stable complex insulation. In short Chelates maintain metals soluble in adverse chemical environments where metal ions might precipitate out otherwise.

One of the importance’s of Amino Acids. An example is: if your growing in a Hydroponic System you will notice that your reservoir will not be “caked” with Calcium at the end of your Grow. Since you educated your self and had the proper balances of amino acids and Bio-stimulants in your Grow Fluid the Plants used this Calcium.

Amino Acids do not contain Calcium, They assist the plant in the uptake of this Mineral. Calcium strengthens and enlarges the Vascular system of the Plant. This is the “highway” of the Plant. All Minerals, water, nutrients etc are brought throughout the plant through the Vascular System.

L-Amino Acids are responsible for:

Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Proteins

Intermediate Chelators

Prevent “Lime Scale”

Calcium Ion Channels

Plant Protein Agent


When you freeze Meat or Plant Material the water in the cells crystallize and rupture the cells outer Membrane. This kills the cells, releasing the contents in the Cytoplasm. The Freezing causes the Cytoplasm to expand thus rupturing the Cell’s membrane. Peptin acts as an antifreeze. For every 1% increase in Brix there becomes a ½ Degree lower freezing temperature. Peptin acts like an “anti_freeze.

Kelp is loaded with Natural Growth Hormones and contains over 62 beneficial trace elements that help to turn on enzymes in the Plant. I use Kelp on every grow. It is an absolutely recognized component of my Success. If an Enzyme is “turned on”, just one molecule can cause 1000 reactions to occur within the Cell. So they can do the Chemistry of Life”. Also applying a “Foliar” application to your Plants will work as well. Stopping your Plants “Apical” dominance will result is closer nodes and shorter, bushier Plants that will have more Flower sites!

Apical growth is the Plants’ desire to grow tall. You can “top’ your plants yet this will cause a loss of Growth time. Or LST or other “training” of your Plants each causes a loss of Growth Time, same as transplanting. I recommend using Peat Pots vs Transplantation. If your going to transplant always use a Vitamin B transplant solution. More to follow on this later. I do not recommend Transplanting “shocking” your plants. Plant shock is one cause of Hermaphroditism, this largely depends upon the “Strain”.

Auxins and Cytokinins work together to cause the Plant to create a root mass, thus allowing for greater uptake of water, nutrients and vitamins. Using Kelp as a Foliar Spray you will get more Lateral Bud Development. This will break the Apical Dominance. You will get bushier Plants. If you use it at the roots it will act as a Stimulant, creating a larger root ball. 5 Parts Humic Acid with 2 parts Kelp will help the Plant fight Stress and help prevent Hermaphroditism.

Iron is a catalist for Clorofil. Ferric Oxide. Iron is an essential element for most organisms. As an indispensable co-factor of many enzymes, iron is involved in various crucial metabolic processes that are required for the survival of plants and pathogens.

Conversely, excessive iron produces highly active reactive oxygen species, which are toxic to the cells of plants and pathogens. Therefore, plants and pathogens have evolved sophisticated mechanisms to modulate iron status at a moderate level for maintaining their fitness. An example of how Important Minerals are in your Soil. Iron is used in Humans to deliver Oxygen to the Cells.

Water is the “Solvent of Life” I call it. Water is carried through the Plants through “tubes” that run through their stems and roots. These tubes carry water, minerals, and sugars. There are two types of “tubes”, The Xylem and Phloem.

The Xylem and Phloem tubes connect the top and bottom of the plant.

The sugar and other organic molecules are transported through the plant by means of a special layer of tissue called the Phloem. Phloem is composed of living cells that transport  a water solution of sugars that we commonly call sap.

Xylem are the tubes that carry water and nutrients from the roots. Xylem is one of the types of transportation tissue in vascular plants, Phloem being the other. The basic function of Xylem is to transport water from roots to stems and leaves, but it also transports nutrients.

Vascular tubes or veins, carry water and nutrients from the soil to the parts of a plant  where they are needed. Sunlight then is used to perform photosynthesis to make food for the plant. Tiny openings in the leaves allow plants to take in carbon dioxide and to give off oxygen and water. The Roots of A Cannabis Plant use Oxygen. The Leaves of a Plant give off carbon Dioxide.

This is just a few examples of the importance of Amino Acids and Bio-stimulants. I will continue/elaborate upon this subject later. I have to go work on the Farm! Which is way more fun than sitting here behind this Computer!

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