Grow Cannabis with Hemp Farms Thailand. Today at 2 Pm Sir Anutin signs the new Ganja Laws into effect. The 2nd Farm was started today. 40 Cement Fence Post have been Installed.

We are Licensed right now to Cultivate Hemp throughout the Kingdom of Thailand.

If you are interested in getting into Thailand Cannabis, well, we can Help!

I am looking for someone to put up 10-20K USD. The Buyers are under Contract. The Transportation is handled. And etc. It is all done.

1 rai 1600 meters (Figure 1200 Meters used for Grow and Spacing 1 meter apart)

1200 Plants. 1200 Certified Seed (With COA and Thai FDA Approval) $144,000.00 Baht. Estimating 150 Grams Yield from each Plant (Adjusting/Modifying the Photoperiod) 1200×150 Grams = 180,000.00 Grams. Divided by 1000 Grams (A Kilo) = 180 Kilos. 180 Kilos x $12,000.00 Baht = $2 Million 160 Thousand Baht. This can be done twice per year. x 2 = $4,320,000.00 Baht. Then deduct the initial Investment of $3,000.00 and here is the Est. ROI. Or a Grow can stay in Vegetative Growth longer for a much Larger Yield.

The set up (Infrastructure Expenses) are a one time expense. The Yearly Expenses are going to be Seed and Amendments and Labor. We have Export License and Exportation of Flower provides a much Larger Financial Return. Out of Country Buyers are in Place Now.

This year is going to be Great!

525 Lineal Feet of Fencing Needed

Certified Seed $144,000.00 to 350k Depending upon the Amount and Strain (Baht)

175 Steel Panels $35,000.00 Baht (everything is Baht)

94 Cement Post Perimeter 4 Corners Support and Gate 18,800.00

4 IP Adressable Cameras $10,000.00

Gate hardware $2,000.00

Barbed Wire and Hardware for top installation of Wire 525 Lineal Ft $3,000.00

8 Lights $2,400.00 ( adjust the photoperiod, increase yields )

Internet Acct Set Up $2,000.00 (for our and your remote access) we have a Ninja for security as well

Labor $76,514.00 Baht

Approximate total, Approx. Total: $332,514.00 Baht ($9,995.00 USD)

Around $9,995.00 USD. Just know that the returns are unbelievable I will do it next month. The Variables are: How many Plants, The Yeilds, Mortality Rates. I always have a few 100 Backup Plants on one of the other farms. CBD Flower underway now.

It is a minimum investment. I do not have the extra $, right now just had a Baby.. Cost in order to make the Farm and meet European Standards and comply with the Thai FDA Security and Misc. Prerequisites need to be put in place. The ROI is incredible. No wonder the THC License cost $1,000,000.00 Baht.

Now I would like to do an additional 2 Rai Farm of Ganja. Growing Ganja there is Fee, Growing THC Flower is not free, keeping the scammers and inexperienced grower out is what the 1,000,000.00 Baht License Fee is for. Then you need a grower that actually can do this..

Please allow me to say I have already done it, and I am going to do it again. Any Agreements made can be done through my Lawfirm in Bangkok.. or we can write one up. “Not written not said”..

The land and The License/water. elec, etc are in place and owned by myself and Family. Come and Join the Family. This April we will begin a new Farm.

I own the land. On a Paved Road. Electricity in Place. (A Farm in Thailand Elec. is Free..) The well is in place. Minor improvements are necessary to facilitate the Grow and come up to European Standards. We will export to Israel, America ( We have the Export License now..). 7-12,000.00 per Kilo for CBD Flower..

And a Rai of land will produce many, many Kilos..

Contact Kevin Leopard for further Details. Everything is Legal and in Place now. I will do this on my Own, or, you are welcome to join me! Hemp Licenses are free. The THC License cost $.

13′ 3″in
I made the “Male” portion you see here. Feminized Seed
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