It may be surprising to learn that one of the top reasons that medical practitioners recommend cannabis to their patients is for treatment of nausea, and they’ve been doing so since the 1980s. This is because it’s been shown to be so effective at easing the condition, without any of the uncomfortable side effects that can come from taking medically prescribed pharmaceuticals.

Studies have shown that it works, at least in part, by helping to positively regulate the release of the “feel good” chemical serotonin.

The queasiness of nausea is a natural, protective response to pain, toxins, medication, stress, illness, or unexpected motion and it has numerous triggers. These include health conditions such as migraines and ulcers, chemotherapy treatments, head injuries, heart conditions, depression, and more recently Covid 19.

To help you better manage and reduce your nausea we’ve put together a list of the best cannabis strains that address both your physical and mental symptoms so that you can get much-needed relief, and balance back to a feeling of well-being more quickly.

Durban Poison

One of the world’s original (landrace) strains is the ultra-energizing Durban Poison. It was first cultivated by indigenous people in Southern Africa and named after the city where it was developed. Although this pure and potent Sativa has between 15-25% THC, it’s best for daytime use because it provides a strong social and creative boost for your mind that doesn’t drop off.

Users report that it also helps increase appetite and calm stomach upset. The sweet, earthy aroma comes from its dominant odor-producing terpene limonene, which is found in many citrus fruits and provides several health benefits of its own.

Sour Diesel

While some intrigue surrounds the origins of Sour Diesel on its Chemdawg lineage side, what’s certain is this Sativa-dominant strain with a 90:10 ratio is front and center for those experiencing nausea from a variety of issues. The popular pick was first released in the early 1990s and delivers a big dose of invigorating energy and cerebral buzz up front. Unlike with Durban Poison, you might find yourself mellowing out into a happy buzz later on.

Even though its pungent aroma is reminiscent of a day spent next to a barrel of diesel fuel, it has numerous health-boosting effects that include helping increase appetite and managing chemotherapy symptoms. These healing qualities are in part due to its crossbreeding with the soothing Indica-dominant strain Super Skunk.

Lavender (aka Soma #10)

Soma Seeds out of Amsterdam created this 60/40 Indica-leaning hybrid that provides a tranquil, sun-dried lavender scent and floral, spicy taste. Developed from landrace Afghani strains which boast a signature hash flavor, Lavender melds Super Skunk, Afghani Hawaiian, and Big Skunk Korean to help give you relief from chronic pain and stress-induced nausea. Because it has one of the highest THC levels at up to 27%, it’s recommended for use before bedtime for a restful sleep.

OG Kush

Combining East and West Coast ingenuity, the “worldly” OG Kush originates from the heart-shaped green nugs of the Amsterdam Hindu Kush plant that’s native to mountainous Afghani regions. Today, this woodsy-scented hybrid is itself is made up of many other strains, and people often consider it to be a leader among medicinal varieties.

This is likely due to its high levels of THC that have been shown to aid people in managing their nausea and balancing back to healthier body functioning. Expect a big initial headrush with OG Kush, followed by an uplifted body and mind.


It’s no surprise that the hybrid “Headbang” makes the list of nausea-reducers since it’s a slightly Indica-leaning cross between OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Named after the forehead pressure you’ll often feel after taking a few hits, it’s great for nighttime or at-home use because its cerebral effects can leave you feeling spaced out.

With a mellow, pungent, and lemon-infused flavor, this slow acting, body-centric variety is great if you’re fighting migraines, aches and pains, and digestive upset. According to WikiLeaf, both Colorado-based Reserva Privada and California-based DNA Genetics claim breeding bragging rights, but whatever its source, Headband is a top choice among West Coast connoisseurs.

Jack Herer

Hailing from the Netherlands, where it’s listed as a medical-grade Sativa-dominant strain due to its potent healing qualities, the refreshing and uplifting “Jack Herer” merges Haze, Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk. It will leave you with a clear head and creative focus that’s great for days when you need to brainstorm ideas and bounce them off of others.

While the THC levels in this strain can range from 15-24%, you’ll want to avoid using it before sleep to avoid insomnia. Or if you have an Anxiety Disorder I do not recommend this Strain.

One fun fact is it’s named after cannabis activist and author of the book The Emperor Wears No Clothes, which documents the cultural, therapeutical, and environmental uses of cannabis that Jack Herer discovered along his journey.

Expect a fresh woody-pine aroma and happy high that’s great for those suffering from nausea brought on by fatigue, neurological, or mental conditions such as anxiety, stress, and migraines.

Blue Dream

First debuting in Northern California, this slightly Sativa-dominant hybrid’s tantalizing burst-of-berry flavor brings on clarity, creativity, and calm, followed by a deeply soothing state of relaxation. Besides being a way to ease the anxiety and pain that can lead to stomach queasiness, Blue Dream is also one of the Euphoria Inducing Cannabis Strains because it combines the smooth, tranquil vibes of Blueberry Indica with the creative boost of Sativa Haze.

With between 17%-25% THC and a reputation among medicinal and recreational users as being an excellent pick for both physical distress and mental health issues, Blue Dream is frequently the Number One bestseller in the West Coast states of California, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon.

I have grown many, many Crops of Blue Dream. It is a Great Plant to Grow and I recommend it to all beginning Growers!!

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is one of the most well-known and readily available varieties of cannabis, and is a pure Indica-dominant strain from the Afghani and Thai landrace lineages.

Possibly first grown in the Seattle area, what’s certain is that by the mid-1980s Amsterdam-based Sensi Seeds was cultivating this resilient plant.  Its resin-laden, crystalline buds create a numbing sensation, hallucinatory effect, and powerful muscle relaxation that has been known to put users to sleep. You’ll get a mix of herbal citrus and pepper flavors with Northern Lights, and a deep, euphoric sedation that assists you in reducing your nausea symptoms.

Super Lemon Haze (aka SLH)

Crossbreeding energizing Lemon Skunk with heady Super Silver Haze led to the award-winning, Sativa-dominant Super Lemon Haze. SLH’s sweet taste and fruity aroma certainly lives up to its refreshing citrus name. The main terpene is

Terpinolene, which has been shown to have sedative effects on the central nervous system.

This helps account for its ability to dampen pain signals that can lead to queasiness. Terpenes are a part of the Cannabis Plant folks need to consider and have a huge affect on a user’s experience.

According to All Bud, the strain was born and bred in the lush soils of Washington State by two local growers, while wiki leaf credits its creation to Netherlands-based Green House Seeds. A third story has it reaching Amsterdam by way of Las Vegas. Whichever tale is true, what is known for sure is that this is an uplifting strain that’s good for daytime use, especially for those experiencing anxiety, worry, depression, and stress.

Grand Daddy Grape (aka Grand Daddy Purple or GDP)

Imagine grape candy melded with an enticing berry aroma that leaves your mind feeling euphoric and your body so relaxed that you’re liable to spend several blissful hours coach-locked. This 2003 nighttime blend was originally received as a gift from the indigenous Pomo people of California, and today combines two powerful Indica flowers, the bold earthy”Big Bud” and the appetite-stimulating ”Purple Urkle”.

It’s one of the strains often used for those undergoing chemotherapy because the significant THC levels not only provide nausea relief, but also have been shown to reduce the depression associated with cancer and other medical diagnoses.

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