The Seed below , Over 100 Strains. Fresh Seed from a Professional. If you have a Strain that is not on the List and would like to trade “Strains” I am open to this!

There are also Handmade Bamboo, Ceramic and Glass Bongs and other Paraphernalia as well. I will put these up later as Growing and Creating an eCommerce Website is difficult.

Most of the Below Seeds are from Thailand. Bred in Thailand. Will Grow in Thailand. Anything one may see on this site is from and has been developed in Thailand. Thailand Hemp Farms is a 100% Legal Operation. We do not sell Illegally.

Have a Great Day!

Chocolate Thai like the old days
Wild Thailand, highest-rated THC
Oxaca,  Acapulco Gold.
Brama, from India
Afghan Skunk
Black Skunk
Black and Blue Skunk
Sweet tooth
Uncle Festers Skunk 18
Super Silver Skunk
Hindu Skunk
Lemon Skunk
Gorilla Skunk

Ancestral skunk
Pineapple Skunk
Haze A/C
Garlic bud
Maple leaf
Red Devil
Red Lightning
The One x 1979 Maui
Coots One crossed with Greenjeans 79
Mexican Death Sativa
Kashmir Azad
Mangobiche x 88G13HP
Bubba Kush
Bubba OG
Purple Headband
Goji OG
Sour D
Turkish Hash Plant
Durban Poison x Hippy Slayer
The Shit
The Cure
Oaxacan IBL
Bubblegum Skunk
Washington Skunk x Uncle Festers Skunk 18
FSBC Colombian Gold
Dragon Blood Hashplant
Sour Bubble
Original SSSC old school Haze
Original SSSC old school Haze x Lady Rose
Nube Roja
Durban-Thai flyer x Ortega
Ortega Mazar-i-Sharif
Cheetah piss x zkittlez fems
Heirloom Afghani
Hoper valley gilgit x Mexican Death Sativa
Kanak Balochistan x Maple leaf.

81 Hawaiian
Hawaiian Sativa x Garlic bud
Hawaiian Sativa x Maple leaf
Sugar Haze
Corpse Flower x Uncle festers skunk 18
Hoodoo x Uncle festers skunk 18
Delta blues x Uncle Festers Skunk 18
(Disgust O) Red eye Skunk x Uncle Festers Skunk 18
Karma genetics Sour diesel  BX4 (SOWAHH)
Black triangle x SOWAHH
95 Silver Haze x SOWAHH
Blue Dream x (Starkiller OG x Strawberry Chemdog)
Double Panama Red
Oaxaca Cryptic labs
Thai x Ducksfoot
Thai x Big Bud
Thailand landraces
White Widow x GG4 fems
Polecat 91 BX
Real Frisian Duck Foot
Skunkband v2
Wedding Cake x Duck Foot x Thai Heritage
Frisian Duck Foot 80% x Thai Heritage 20%
Pacific Northwest Hash Plant x Puck BC1
Acapulco Gold snowhigh
Panama Red coastal seeds
NL1 X God’s glue
Quantum kush x Afghan
Panama Red #3
Super Skunk x (Big Bud x Headband)
Snowhigh High Voltage
High voltage x Goji OG
Green Haze x Malawi
Uganda x Ghana
Williams wonder
Brama India landrace
HP dog
Peyote  purple x Pure Michigan
Guerilla Tango
Red devil x (Washington Skunk x Uncle Festers Skunk 18)
Strawberry Headband
(Maple leaf x Hawaiian Sativa)x Strawberry headband
(Garlic bud  x Hawaiian Sativa) x Strawberry headband
Bubba OG x Strawberry Headband
Afghan Skunk x Devil
68 Acapulco Gold x Acapulco
Kanak Balochistan x (MDS x Hoper valley gilgit)
(Maple leaf x Kanak)BC1 Kanak
(MDS x Gilgit )BC1 MDS
Thaistick x Red Lightning
(Thai x Big bud) x Red Lightning
(Strawberry Guava x Headband)
(Strawberry headband x  Strawberry headband ) x Red Lightning
Acapulco Gold x Band-Aid Haze
Maple Leaf  x  Turkish Hash Plant
Zorilluda (Mexican Skunk x Deep Chunk) 
Blue dream Santa Cruz cut x Magenta Hash Plant x Old Soul
White Gas Haze cut x White Haze/Chem DD F2

There are more. Seed Prices typically start at 60 Baht per seed and go up to 500 baht per seed. If an order is over 500-1000 seeds then there is a discount. I grow on a large Scale. If you are looking to buy 5-20 seeds this can be facilitated.

Some Seed is Shipped from abroad in our efforts to remain Compliant with the Kingdom of Thailand. It is illegal to send seeds out of this Kingdom.

If you are Looking for CBD/Hemp Seed. My Thai Friends are Licensed to import these. Prices are 60 Baht per seed. Femenized. Auto Flower and Photoperiod are avail. Some seed is avail at 30 Baht per seed when buying 1000 or more!

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