Here are a few Pictures of making yummy Compost Tea. I would tell how I make my Tea, how, and what is in it, yet this is a Secret. There are so many ways to make “Fertilizer Tea” What is Important is the Strength (Dilution). This typically is used as a Foliar application. You can Test it on a Plant prior to your entire crop. Experience is how this is used. I have found over the years “less is more” with Teas and Fertilization.

Used Lazada and was able to Secure this Great Air Pump for 700 Baht
So Good! You can stick your Finger in there and Taste it to check. (Joking!) It is very Important to remember that what your looking for are Aerobic Organisms. Thus the Air being Bubbled into the Mix is why or what this is doing. Feeding Oxygen to the Boys and Girls. After this is “Cooked” for a couple of days I advise using the Tea within 24 Hrs. Plan ahead>
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