The Soil is now ready to use. I will mix this once again, I can see the ingredients acting and multiplying. Once this is mixed again I will spread out the pile to approximately 4 inches thick, then I will Layer a liquid dilute solution of Azomite, Molasses and a few other ingredients. Then I will add again another 4 inches of soil, and repeat this process until all the soil has this secret sauce throughout.

The Azomite provides Minerals and Trace Elements, the Molasses Provides Carbohydrates to the Microbes. Rhizome Munchies.

Then I will mix everything again, bag it up and it is ready for use.

The Start. This soil was previously Inoculated. I use rice hulls as they are cheap and work well as a drainage aid.
CocoPeat also works well as a Drainage Ingredient, However is is costly!
A Previous Mix
Consistency after it has been piled up.
Mixing Rice Hulls into the Inoculated Soil.
It is a Living Soil.
I do it all myself.
What was left after I bagged up 100 40 pound Sacks. Important to cover after you’re finished, to protect from the Rain and no direct Sun. It is a Living Thing.

I also use the Rice Hulls at the Bottom of each “Pot”. Approximately 1-2 inch’s thick. Doing this saves on how much of your soil is needed for each pot, assist in the drainage of a Pot. Rice Hulls are cheap and light. The weight of each of you’re pots become a consideration when there are a few hundred to move.

Also typically the last 1-2 inch’s of a potted plant will be wasted space and is a “dead zone” as this is where water will accumulate and this area will contain little or no oxygen which the Plant needs. This will usually become an “anaerobic” area which is also no good. Use pots if you’re soil is not good. Pots also allow you to have a “modular” system. If some plants are not performing well they can be moved to a different location!

Everything will die in the above Picture’s “Waterlogged” area as this will “push” the Oxygen out of the Soil. Creating an Anaerobic Zone.

In Hawaii I used Lava Rock yet I was unable to find this product here in Thailand. If using something different always know the PH and composition of this material as it can have adverse affects upon you’re Plants. Using regular rock makes the Pots to heavy.

Transporting 4-600 pots, weight becomes a factor to consider! Cannabis is a “dioecious” Plant. Meaning there is a Male and a Female. In order to have 300 plants you will likely need to start off with 600 Plants! Only the Females will Produce the Flower. If you start out with 600 Plants it is likely that you will end up with 400 Females (Plants that will Flower).

Male Female Hermaphrodite

The Males are kinda useless. Using Feminized Seeds eliminates a lot of this yet you still need to look out for males. Hermaphrodites are a Genetic Trait. Common to Thai Strains. Thus keeping a close eye on your grow is a great Thing. I have noticed throughout my travels in the Asian Regions that Hermaphroditism has been allowed to dominate most Farmers Grows. Lack of knowledge has ruined a lot of Asian Strains.

Feminized seeds are costly. We here at Thailand Hemp Farms are developing high CBD content strains. I will be posting a video soon on how to make “Feminized” Seeds once my Pure Silver arrives from America. Once a Female becomes “Pollinated” the CBD levels in the Flower drop dramatically. Best to get rid of all male plants, unless you are breeding.

When the Plants begin to Flower I will install a “Scrogg” or Netting System for support. Thus there is little worry of the Pots being Top Heavy. Be cautious what type of “Netting” or Material used in your Scrogg as the Netting can cut the Plant depending upon where it is placed. . The Flowers can become very Heavy. I recommend “Topping” your plants ONCE when they are young. However do this with little enthusiasm as to much will cause you to have small Flowers. “Scrogging” is usually done on Indoor Grows.

Doing a Grow correctly then Yes, You will have Heavy Flowers. And a Good Payday!


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