You can Grow for Grain (Seed) which is easy, however the ROI is minimal. Or, you can grow for CBD (Flower). Growing Hemp seed requires you drive along and throw out seed. Till it in a bit and add water. Growing Hemp Flower is a bit different and will require some ummm…pratice.

Kevin Leopard at Thailand Hemp Farms has grown a few plants before and can assist you in your Learning Curve. If you are a Thai Citizen then you will receive the “Family Discount”

Yes, Thai Farmers are some of the Best in the World. Yet, Thai Farmers are mostly Familiar with Growing Rice and Non Cannabis Crops. Unless you visit us up here in Northern Thailand! If you know a Thai Cannabis Grower, Great! If you do not I am here for you. Also if you want to grow more than 100-1000 Flowering Hemp Plants, well you will likely need some assistance…

Below is a Price Chart of what the Prices in America Currently are. These Prices will eventually migrate over here to Thailand. So in America right now a kilo sells for approx. $27,000.00 baht. Right now China is our Biggest Competitor and their sales prices are about the same. I anticipate the the GPO/Gov here will eventually seek the same.

However at this moment in time I have been quoted $30,000.00 baht per Kilo for 9% Dry Flower Content and $45,000.00 for 12% CBD Content and above. However the Dept. of Agriculture has not released Seeds, so anywhere and every thing you see right now is Illegal. Use Caution if you Order some “Products” from any of these illegally operating Vendors. You will be arrested and likely Deported. Importation is prohibited.

I was told next Month we will all be good to go. Trust me I am ready!! Also the Thai Government has recently changed the allowable THC content now to 1.0%

Full Spectrum Extract Oil

Prices in USA at this time:

The prices vary depending upon the Quality of the BioMass.

Biomass (0 – 25k pounds) USD$ pound $3.07 $2.00 $4.72 Hurd or Bask

Biomass (25k – 100k pounds) USD$ pound $2.99 $1.80 Hurd or Bask

Biomass (100k – 1M pounds) USD$ pound $2.74 $1.90 $3.60 Hurd or Bask

Biomass (1,000,000+ pounds) $USD is per pound $2.09 $1.55 $2.70 Hurd or Bask

Dry Flower (Bulk) $USD 9% minimum desired CBD Content per pound $USD 364.00 lb // CBD Containing Flower

Pure Female CBD Clones $USD each $4.47 (there are no Clones avail in Thailand, and Importation is Illegal)

Feminine CBD Strain Dependent CBD content Dependent

Thai CBD Sativa aka Da Kine

Industrial Grain Seeds $ per pound $10.85 $5.28 $18.40 Depending Upon Oil Content/Strain

CBD Seeds (Feminized) 1 seed $4.08 yea….!! Until Next Year when Thailand Hemp Farms has Feminized Seed to Offer (Contact Kevin for Details). We will also be performing our own extractions and have Pure CBD Oil available.

Crude Hemp Oil 1 kilo $1,737 $850 $3,689

Refined Hemp Oil 1 kilo $4,973 $1,823 $8,343

CBD Isolate 1 kilo $3,767 $2,300 $6,000

As you can see Growing and Working to produce Hemp Seed is the Least Profitable way to take advantage of your Hard earned License. If you want to produce Oil, Extracts, Certified Seed, etc. Each of these types of endeavors requires a different and additional License. As you can see a Kilo of Hemp Seed will yield under $1,000.00 baht. And after Extraction Seeds contain a nominal amount of CBD. Where a Kilo of Hemp Flower can Range between 9% Dried Flower CBD Content $30,000.00 baht per kilo, 12% and above $45,000.00 baht per kilo.

The Cannabis Flower Contains the Highest amounts of Cannabinoids. This is why (if you are Licensed) seeds can be purchased for as low as 10 Baht per seed. These are regular Grain Seeds. Feminized Hemp Seeds start at $100.00 Baht per. If you use my Seed Seller. A COA is provided and they are Licensed, they are just waiting on The FDA and Ag Dept. to release the Seeds.

CBD Isolate

So You have a “Cultivation” License. Having The “Cultivation License” and actually Growing Hemp Flower is a monumental Task and takes years of experience to successfully produce Quality or any kind of Flower. Pls Trust Me, I know!

You would like to grow Hemp Flower. Thailand Hemp Farms can help you with this. Our Prices are below. Also our Website has a lot of Great Info for you!

Vice General of the Thai FDA visiting one of Thailand Hemp Farms

Our Main Office is Located in Doncan Village, Udon Thani, Thailand. Our Driving Time to you is $50.00 per Hr USD. On Site Consultation Cost are $100.00 per hour. Under certain circumstances I will work for a percentage of the Harvest.

The Solicitor pays for the Contract preparation fees. These are around $300.00 per Hr. (Lawyer Fees)

Yes obtaining your License is Awesome. Congrats! Now you have to grow some Cannabis!


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