White Truffles (THC Containing Flower) Green House Grown 1st Image. 2nd Outdoors. Photoperiod

Last Grow (Great, Great Granddaughters from the 1980’s Thai Stick you used to smoke) The Real Deal! Landrace

8600 Plants of Real Thai Stick (THC)

Golden Trichome Flower 2 weeks to go!

Security for the 8600 Plants (Live on Site)

Wedding Cake Bred with Thai Heritage Seedling

Wedding Cake Bred with Thai Heritage Preflower

Wedding Cake Young Flower 4 Meters

Frisian Duck Foot

Duck Foot

Area to receive Truffle Clones for Seed Next Year (Picture from 2023. Truffle Grow begins 2024)

I will add more Later. Got stuff to do!


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