I do not know about others, I know I waited a vey long time for the Agriculture Department to allow our Seeds to be let into Thailand. 8+ Month Wait! However here they are!!

There are only a few as I am developing/making my own Seeds and Breeding.

Here are a few Pictures of the High CBD 3 Strains I am growing. I left them unattended for 1 Day and they stretched. My Wife was having a Baby and I was at The Hospital. They “popped” Immediately so I had to start them in this shallow grow tray, I do not recommend as the Tap Root wants to go deep.

So Beautiful!

A few streatched so much I had to support them. If you do need to support your seedlings be sure to allow the Stem to grow by LOOSLY adding support.

I stopped them from stretching any more by putting them under the LED Lights. Now they will be under High Intensity LED Lighting for 24 Hrs per day. Perhaps for 3 consecutive days. In my efforts to correct the length of the Stems. They will stop growing taller, the stems will “fatten” and next I recommend putting your seedlings under Lights 18-20 Hrs per day. Make sure your Light/s are not to close by checking the Soil or Grow Medium for Heat levels. I put a small Fan as even the babies Transpire. Safety First!

Here are some specs” for you.

  • Temperature: 73* to 79* Fahrenheit is Ideal. However here in Thailand I recommend germination occur outside or in Higher Heat. Doing this Feminized Seeds from America or a Northern Climate will help your efforts.

  • Humidity: 60%-70% RH, Again, here in Thailand you need to consider the Humidity Levels.

  • Medium: Moist / Damp (not soaked) This is relevant as to what medium being used. Always make sure you seedlings are watered!

  • Light:  24″-18″ height hanging LED height, (depends upon the Lumen Output) & 16-24 hrs on. If you are using Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium (HID) Lighting beware of the Heat. I recommend 2-3 Feet. This type of Lighting is awesome. I have always used HID, and mixed Metal halide and HPS for a full spectrum of Radiation. Once Flowering stage begins the HID Lighting can be lowered to approx. 1 foot above your Flowers. Keep a close watch. Cannabis Loves Attention!

  • When I was a consultant in America back in the Days of the early 2000s (The 420 Instructor https://web.archive.org/web/20140516233640/http://420instructor.com/ ) the most common mistake I helped Growers with was their Lights were to close and they over watered and over fertilized. Less is More! If you follow my instructions on how to make soil, this will never be an issue for you!
1000 Watt Metal Halide lamp Bulb
1000 Watt High Pressure Sodium Lamp Bulb
Haha I am an extremely Messy Yet Successful Grower


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