Representative Niyom Termsrisuk warned that growers must be cooperatives, community groups or social enterprises and not private companies.

He added that they must be run by Thai nationals and that they will be heavily scrutinized by state agencies.

BANGKOK (Reuters) – Thailand has become the first ever country in entire Southeast Asia to officially legalize the medicinal use of Marijuana and Kratom after passing the bill.

 The law was finally approved on 25 December by the country’s military-appointed parliament.

Reuters reported that the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) after receiving 166 votes in favor of the bill, with 13 abstentions, officially legalized the medicinal use of these drugs.

National Legislative Assembly (NLA) has officially legalized the licensed usage of these two drugs, hence amending the Narcotic Act of 1979.

Legalization of marijuana and kratom (ketum) on Christmas day 25th Dec is a significant step as it will now permit the use of these drugs for various purposes in the field of medicine as well as research.

Reuters reported that Mr. Somchai Sawangkarn who played a major lead in drafting the change called it a gift of New Year from NLA for Thai people.

The public on hearing the Tuesday news showed an incredibly overwhelming response and supported the passing of a bill which amends the Narcotic Act of 1979.

Before the early 1930s, Kratom and marijuana were traditionally being used in Thailand like America for curing pain. Its use was later prohibited in the 1930s, leaving patients to opt for opioids as a cure for the illness.

However, thanks to the passing of the new bill consumers will now be allowed purchase specified amount of licensed product either through the means of prescriptions by doctors or by issued certificates to cure illness and treat pains, as approved by Thailand’s narcotics control committee.

 Source: Reuters

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