This CBD Extract Comes from Premium Photo Period Grown Flower that was Hand Grown, Hand Watered and grown in Hand Made and Mixed Soil. Containing all Micronutrients and Beneficial Bacteria. A proper and 100% Organic Rhizone.

This Oil is from This Years Grow. It is Fresh!! Every Year we grow a New Crop and Extract this crop. Then after we harvest what we have spent many Months Growing and Tending to. We drive this to our Immaculate Stainless Steel, Sterile, EU/GMP Compliant Super Critical Co2 Extraction Facility.

Prior to extraction of the CBD from the Flower, extensive testing was done to insure the Highest Quality. No Heavy Metals, No Pesticides, Properly Dried and Cured CBD Flower.

Our CBD Extract is the Best. We are Professional Cultivators. We have 50 Years Experience with Growing Cannabis. We are constantly being Invited to be Keynote Speakers at Cannabis Events around the World.

Our CBD Plants being Grown in the Correct Soil along with our specific methodologies, Insure our CBD is superior to “others” you will find Anywhere. We start off on a “Molecular” level! This assures the Quality of the Cannabinoids and also affects their Absorbtion Rates.

The CBD Cannabinoid is a Neuro Synaptic Inhibitor. Along with acting as an Anti-Inflammatory, being consumed by Humans and used a Medication for these and other ailments. It is very Important that one receives the Best Available. This is what is made available to you here!

Here are some Pictures of the Flower a few weeks Prior to Harvesting!

Buying Your CBD from us you are getting what you actually seek. Professionally Grown, Professionally Extracted, Certified from Seed to Harvest as being what we Claim it to be. In Full Compliance and Licensed by the Kingdom of Thailand. Grown in Thailand.

Apologies if it seems I am Bragging. It is simply, We are the Best. Every Year this fact is Re-Established. No one Grows Like we do. No One. Our Products are Pure and what they are Labeled to be. No Questions needed! Each Bottle is Hand Labeled. Then Hand Filled.

Only the Best can be found here at Thailand Hemp Farms. Proven Quality. Proven Grows.

To make a Purchase please contact us here. Have a Great Day!!

Thank You!

If you need to make Contact with Kevin, email= [email protected], or pls fill out the “Contact Form” on the Homepage. Our Oil is also sold by the Pint and Gallon. Larger orders are also possible. I have been told what some are paying. We will beat any price you are quoted.

Below are Copies of the Current COA from our Rayin CBD Oil. As one can see it is Pure and Organic! The Previous Grow of Early Remedy is Sold Out, Yet I put a part of that COA as well for your purview.

1.6 tons were avail. 9% dried Flower CBD Content. Sold Out as will the Flower Cluster be soon. Get it while you can!! Organically Grown, Pure CBD Oil. The Very Best you will find in Thailand. Certified, Tested and Professionally Cultivated CBD Flower. From Licensed Professionals.

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