Here is a Plant that the Original Seed cost 150.00 Baht. This plant is still making seed.

Start Off with a Cotton Tip. Remove the bulk of the Cotton and spin it between your fingers to harden the tip. This way there is little waste of the precious Pollen. The Tip of the Knife has Pollen Sacs and Pollen. Some “Growers think that the Resin coming from the tips of the Trichomes contain Cannabinoids to repel attackers.

I think the Girls make this sticky resin to “grab” Pollen as it floats through the Air. One thing I have always believed and practiced denying the Female Sex. There fore she will make more Bud and More resin. And of Course seed-less Flower. Also once pollination occurs CBD and THC Levels Drop
Dip the Cotton Tip into the Pollen and Gently rub the Pollen onto the Stamens (Little White Hairs) These protrude out from the Calyx (Where the Seed is Made) Once She has received Pollen She will begin to Focus on Making The Next Generation of Seeds and the Flowering Process will slow down.
Knowledge is Power
These Calyx will begin to split open or start to change in Color when the seed is finished. I check everyday and gather them up as they finish. Here are a couple Thousand Baht of Seed. From one Seed. This is likely why “Seed Banks” charge $10.00 per seed!!
Here you can see the Stamens. This is where the Pollen needs to be applied. Using Pots to grow your breeders in allows you to rotate them around as you look for Ripened Seed. Also being in a Pot, allows them to be placed in direct sunlight. Doing this will help the Calyx open and speed up the process.
The “Protruding Hairs” are called Stamens. After they receive Pollen the Seed begins to form inside the Calyx
(Last 2 Right pics)
The Image Quality is not good. Look closely and you can see the Calyx beginning to get “plump”. Inside is a High Quality Feminized Seed! A really good way to collect all of your Hard work and Investment is to sew and wrap the Plant in a Cloth Screen, This way it can Breath and you do not lose seeds. I check my Breeders 3-5 times per day. Looking for split Calyx.
Calyx Opening


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