Thailand is the world’s third most-visited country when it comes to medical and wellness tourism. And with the newly instated legalization of medical cannabis, Hemp Export Thailand will to promote medical cannabis tourism became apparent. This might be the leading cause for Thailand law and regulation amendments that loosen up the regulations and allow growing.

However, the country’s most immediate business opportunities lie within wellness tourism. Legalization would allow wellness centers in Thailand to cultivate and process cannabis, and offer cannabinol cosmetic and wellness treatments, further encouraging domestic and foreign investments.

For the time being Hemp Export Thailand, the Thai government is being careful when issuing licenses and permits to private sectors, making sure that they benefit the Thai public. In other words, the private sector has to be of Thai nationality and have a place of residence in Thailand, if it’s a person. If it’s a juristic person, it must be registered in Thailand, with two-thirds of its directors, partners, and shareholders being Thai nationals.

Hemp Export Thailand

Import & Export of cannabis products ( Thailand Hemp ) aren’t currently permitted, with few exceptions. The government-approved growers can import cannabis seeds from the Netherlands, and tourists can import their own medical supply of cannabis. Tourists on a cannabis therapy need to apply for permission to import, providing their medical prescription.

Thailand isn’t exporting any weed or cannabis-related products at the time, due to the current shortage in supply. However, several countries in the region expressed their interest in high-quality medial cannabis, once Thailand starts exporting their cannabis products.

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