I have been Growing Cannabis for a few Years. I knew that when we were forced to acquire seeds from North America or Europe that there would be some issues with Growing them in a Change of their normal Habitat and Climate of Generations of 16 Celsius to 32 Degrees Celsius.

Beginning The Hardening Off
Several Died. Despite my Love and Care and Experience!
If you look closely, you can see the Flower….

It is difficult to take Plants that have been grown for example in Oregon, USA. (Where it snows) Then take the seeds and start them here in Thailand. (Where it Never Snows)

I know I have done it.

I managed to get several to “harden off” yet now they are all in Pre-flower or Flowering before they are a Meter High. I cannot breed this Strain, the Yields will be 100 Grams or lower per plant. I will try adjusting their Photoperiod and see how this goes. Yet a Notice to all Thailand growers of CBD and Ganja. Beware where the seeds come from and the Breeders knowledge of Genetics and Climates.

Plants that begin to Flower at 10 inches high will provide a nominal yield. We here at Thailand Hemp Farms grow for Flower. So it is relevant to us here the Size of our Plants and the Flowers. Yet if you are growing 2000 plants then “Mai Pen Rai!”


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