Curious what Cannabis pot size is best for your Cannabis Grow? Here you read everything you need to know about the pot size.

Choosing a pot for your Cannabis plant is an essential task in growing Cannabis, perhaps the most important.

Yet its importance is often underestimated. The size and type of pot determines to a large extent the way in which your plants grow and this has a direct influence on your harvest! Choosing the right pot is therefore of great importance

How to choose the right Cannabis pot size?

Cannabis Plants are best grown in Fabric pots, with a capacity of 6 to 12 liters.

However, the best pot for your grow depends on your plans and the Yield you seek. For example, do you want to grow indoors or outdoors? Do you have a small growing space and want to put several plants close together or do you have a lot of space?

Small pots (up to 8.5 liters)

Smaller pots of 6.5 to 8.5 liters are ideal for many growing techniques, such as when growing with autoflowering cannabis seeds in a Sea of Green setup. It’s a great way to utilize all the growing space and work with homogeneous, even crops. You can have smaller plants, which will obviously lead to lower yields, but the larger amount of plants will compensate.

This size container also works well for the Screen of Green (SCROG) method. This method uses a screen to support the plants, which can dramatically increase yields.

Large pots (up to 25 liters)

If you are limited in the number of plants or the growing space or if you want to grow some very large cannabis plants it is best to use 10-15 liter pots.

Large pots can also be used if you have a lot of space. You could even consider 20-liter pots.

20-liter pots offer enough space and freedom for your roots to reach their full potential. A Cannabis plant does most of its root development during the vegetative growth phase.

By stimulating good root growth early on in this phase you prepare yourself for a good harvest. Because the plant has many roots during the flowering phase, your plant can absorb all the water and nutrients it needs, increasing the quantities produced.

It should be noted that large pots are only a tool: they do not directly cause an increase in yield, but they can facilitate it if the other conditions are met.

The disadvantage of larger pots is the space they take up. They can therefore be limiting when the growing space is limited. However, do you have enough space? Then they can absolutely help you increase your harvest.

What are the most commonly used pots?

The most commonly used pots are 12-liter pots. This is because they offer a good balance between pot size and growing space. With this size of pot, the roots of the cannabis plant have enough room to grow properly. Moreover, the pots do not take up too much space.

Points of attention when choosing a pot for your Cannabis plant

In addition to the pot size, there are a few other things to consider when buying pots:

  • The pot must have drainage
  • The pot should be dark of color (unless you are Growing Outside in Full Sunlight!)
  • Clean the pot beforehand (Start with an Immaculate Grow Space/Area)
  • Enough space for optimal development (Crowding will Limit the Plants Size)

1. The pot must drain

Watering is the key to success, but to ensure that a cannabis plant does not drown, and excess water can drain away you need a pot with drainage. That’s a hard word for holes in the bottom of the pot. You want the Water to immediately Drain.

Place the pot on a small plate or bowl or: (Contact me for How to Make Grow Room Grow Tray!). This way you can easily water without getting the floor wet and at the same time you are ensuring that your pots are not flooded.

Insufficient drainage will result in waterlogging of the growing medium, which over time will reduce the oxygen content around the roots. Not only will the roots suffer, but also transpiration and nutrient uptake will temporarily stop until ideal conditions are met. (Root Lock)

2. The pot should be dark-colored

Pots should not let light through. When healthy roots come in contact with light, they can be damaged. Therefore, choose a dark pot. If your Growing Outside in Full Sun a Black Colored Pot may get Hot.

3. Clean the pot in advance

Make sure you clean your pot before using it. Pots can contain chemical residues or other impurities from the store that are harmful to your plant.

4. Provide enough space for optimal development

As mentioned above, the size of your pots can have a huge influence on how your plants grow. It is therefore vital to ensure that the roots have enough room to grow. It is therefore better to give your plant a little too much space than too little. This will ensure that your plant will really thrive.

After all, the root zone is responsible for the absorption and distribution of minerals, nutrients and the growth hormone auxin to other pathways in the plant. The depth and width of the root zone make a huge difference to what grows above ground. Therefore, in the world of horticulture, they don’t say for nothing, “the bigger the roots, the bigger the fruit.”

Tip on choosing the pot size

How many liters of pot you use decide in advance. Do that based on your available space and your wishes. Keep in mind that 1-5 large plants is much easier to manage than a sea of greenery.


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